Nov 12
Last Updated on 12 November 2012

Former Tours

Since 2000 we have been leading students of all ages throughout the European continent, encouraging all to experience new cultures appreciating the art, history and new perspective they bring to our own western experience. We have traveled the length of Italy multiple times from the foundation of Ancient Rome to the beautiful walled Medieval city of Assisi. We have ridden gondolas through the canals of Venice and celebrated mass in St. Marks Cathedral. We have walked in the footsteps of Leonardo daVinci and Michelangelo as we wandered the streets of Florence and marveled at the remains of Pompeii. In Normandy, France, after visiting Utah Beach, we participated in the closing ceremony at the American Cemetery. We climbed the steps of  Mont St. Michel in Normandy as well as the 234 steps to the top of the Arc de Triumph in Paris. In England we’ve laughed at the stories of the Tower Guards and recited poetry in Shakespeare’s backyard. We’ve taken drama classes from the Royal Shakespearean Players and learned about church architecture at the feet of Notre Dame in Paris and Canterbury Cathedral.  These pictures will give you just a taste of the fun and unique experiences you can expect when you travel with us. Come join in the fun and let us help bring a new perspective to your world.